The EEGL at the University of Alberta

The Environmental Economic Geology Laboratory (EEGL) is based in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada.

We are working to understand and tailor biogeochemical cycling of volatile nutrients and metals in natural landscapes, mining environments and ore processing circuits. Our team’s technical strengths are in applied and environmental mineralogy, X-ray analytical techniques (including synchrotron techniques), aqueous and sediment geochemistry, geomicrobiology and stable isotope geochemistry.

Our lab’s unique specialty is in using field-based crystallography to map and measure element fluxes. Our multi-scale approach allows us to quantitatively describe the roles of specific minerals in biogeochemical element cycling, and to explain coupling of element cycles, from the nanometre to the kilometre scale.

We are developing new science for recovery of valuable metal resources from mineral wastes, mitigation of metal and metalloid mobility in mining environments, and carbon mineralization (CO2 sequestration) in mined landscapes. Our applied studies in mining environments are supported by fundamental research including mineral behaviour experiments in the laboratory and field-based experiments in natural sedimentary environments.

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