Congratulations to Professor Nina Zeyen!

Congratulations to Nina Zeyen on her appointment as Assistant Professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva! All of us at the EEGL are thrilled for you, Nina, and excited for this next exciting chapter of your career.

Congratulations to Avni Patel, Colton Vessey and Maria Arizaleta for winning AGES scholarships!

Congratulations to Maria, Avni and Colton for winning Alberta Graduate Excellence Scholarships! These provincially-funded awards recognize outstanding academic achievement by students pursuing graduate studies in Alberta. Colton (left), Maria (centre) and Avni (right) are pictured here with co-supervisor, Maija Raudsepp, at Niagara Falls, ON, Canada.

Congratulations Maria Arizaleta, winner of the CMS Reynolds Award!

Congratulations to Maria Arizaleta! Maria has won the 2022 Reynolds Award and a CMS Research Grant from the Clay Minerals Society for her Ph.D. research on carbonation of authigenic alumimum-poor, magnesium-rich phyllosilicate minerals. The Reynolds Award is presented once annually to the top applicant for a CMS Research Grant.

The EEGL at GAC-MAC 2021 – London, Canada

Interested in learning more about our recent research? We’ll be presenting our work in person(!) at this year’s joint annual meeting of the Geological and Mineralogical Associations of Canada (GAC-MAC) from 1–5 November, 2021 in London, Ontario, Canada. Maria Arizaleta et al. Constraining the role of poorly crystalline Mg-silicates on carbonate precipitation in lacustrine environments. …

The EEGL at Goldschmidt 2021

Interested in learning more about our recent research? We’ll be presenting our work at this year’s virtual Goldschmidt conference from 4–9 July, 2021. Nina Zeyen et al., Mineral carbonation at Venetia and Gahcho Kué diamond mines: characterization of the highly reactive clay fraction. Session 7mO2, Tuesday, 6 July 9:00–9:10 AM MDT, Room 3. Baolin Wang …

Congratulations to Jie Cheng on completing her Honours thesis!

Congratulations to Jie Cheng for finishing her Honours thesis! Jie produced a stratigraphic cross section of Milne Lake, South Australia using quantitative mineralogical and crystal chemical data. Milne Lake is a rare lake that precipitates Holocene magnesite and very high magnesium calcite (“disordered dolomite”). Jie will be starting a Master’s degree in Earth and Environmental …