Maija Raudsepp

Maija is a Research Associate in geochemistry and geomicrobiology, with an interest in the biogeochemical cycling of greenhouse gases. Her current research project focuses on non-classical crystallization of natural Ca-Mg carbonates, with field sites in Australia and western Canada. She is interested in the geochemical controls, both biotic and abiotic, that control carbonate precipitation. Maija’s PhD (The University of Queensland) was focused on biogenic methane production and consumption in two Australian underground coal mines. In 2016, she was a shipboard microbiologist on IODP Expedition 370 (T-limit of Deep Biosphere off Muroto) and is working to culture thermophilic iron reducers and methanogens from the deep subseafloor.

Maija has expertise in high resolution electron microscopy, aqueous geochemistry, carbonate mineralogy and culturing slow-growing anaerobic microorganisms. She is interested in new collaborations, particularly with researchers in the field of carbonate sedimentology, and can be contacted at the email address below.

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