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The EEGL maintains a suite of equipment for use in the laboratory, the field, and at synchrotron light sources. Some of the larger, important and fairly unique items of equipment are described below. Our facility is well equipped for laboratory-based mineral behaviour experiments under controlled environmental conditions. We also maintain a range of equipment for field-based sedimentology, water sampling and analysis in both mining environments and natural landscapes.

We are fortunate to have access to world class analytical facilities at the University of Alberta. You can learn more here.

Two InstruQuest HumiSys programmable relative humidity generators: (1) HumiSys HF (high flow generator, 5 L/min) and (2) HumiSys LF (low flow generator, 0.5 L/min). The high flow unit is ideal for use with an environmental stages on a laboratory powder X-ray diffractometer (XRD). The low flow generator works very well in synchrotron powder XRD capillary flow-through experiments.

InXitu Terra Portable XRD/XRF (“Terry”). This is a field portable powder X-ray diffractometer and X-ray fluorescence analyser. Terry is a seasoned field instrument as well as a Qantas and Jetstar frequent flyer.

Los Gatos Research Carbon Dioxide Isotope Analyzer (CCIA-36-EP). This instrument provides simultaneous measurement of δ13C and δ18O of CO2 gas either continuously or from discrete samples of gas and carbonate minerals.

Coy anaerobic chamber with two work stations. This chamber allows work to be done with redox sensitive compounds under anoxic conditions.