The EEGL at the University of Alberta

The lab is relocating to the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada for January 2018. We’ll have two nodes, one at the University of Alberta and one at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia for the first few months of 2018. By mid-2018, all of our work will be done at our new base at the UofA.

Our focus has always been on the (bio)geochemistry of ore deposits, how ores and mineral wastes react at Earth’s surface, as well as drawing lessons from the geochemistry of natural analogue systems, particularly chemical sediments – from the bottoms of lakes to the cements that form on meteorites. The long term goal of our work is to use an Earth Systems approach to help embed environmental stewardship into every step of the mining life cycle, not just the end stage of remediation. Our name has changed a little with the move to better reflect our strengths in this area: we are now the Environmental Economic Geology Laboratory. In keeping with tradition, our acronym is still pronounced “eagle”.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about this new chapter for our research.

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