The EEGL at Goldschmidt 2021

Interested in learning more about our recent research? We’ll be presenting our work at this year’s virtual Goldschmidt conference from 4–9 July, 2021.

Nina Zeyen et al., Mineral carbonation at Venetia and Gahcho Kué diamond mines: characterization of the highly reactive clay fraction. Session 7mO2, Tuesday, 6 July 9:00–9:10 AM MDT, Room 3.

Baolin Wang et al., Quantifying the potential for mineral carbonation of processed kimberlite with the Rietveld-PONKCS method. Session 7mO2, Tuesday, 6 July 9:13–9:16 AM MDT, Room 3.

Colton Vessey et al., Partitioning of Fe during carbonation of Fe-rich brucite. Session 7mO2, Tuesday, 6 July 9:16–9:26 AM MDT, Room 3.

Avni Patel et al., Humidity-controlled phase transitions of amorphous Ca-Mg carbonates (ACMC). Session 6jO2, Tuesday, 6 July 10:38–10:41 AM MDT, Room 7.

Makoto Honda-McNeil et al., Transition metal mobility and recovery from weathered serpentinite and serpentinite skarn tailings from Lord Brassey Mine, Australia and Record Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. Session 7iO2, Friday, 9 July 10:45–10:48 AM MDT, Room 3.

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