The EEGL at GAC-MAC 2021 – London, Canada

Interested in learning more about our recent research? We’ll be presenting our work in person(!) at this year’s joint annual meeting of the Geological and Mineralogical Associations of Canada (GAC-MAC) from 1–5 November, 2021 in London, Ontario, Canada.

Maria Arizaleta et al. Constraining the role of poorly crystalline Mg-silicates on carbonate precipitation in lacustrine environments.

Makoto Honda-McNeil et al. Transition metal mobility and recovery from weathered serpentinite and serpentinite skarn tailings from Lord Brassey Mine, Australia and Record Ridge, British Columbia, Canada.\

Maija Raudsepp et al. Formation of biogenic magnetite and fougèrite by anaerobic methanotrophy coupled to iron reduction.

Avni Patel et al. The effect of water activity on phase transformations of amorphous Ca-, (Ca,Mg)- and Mg-carbonate minerals.

Colton Vessey et al. Experimental investigation of the formation and transformation pathways of Ca-Mg-carbonates at low temperature.

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